Grand Piano Hire

Baby Grand Piano

A baby Grand Piano Shell is available for hire for that special occasion (shown above and below). Over the years there has been many requests for an instrument that looks more like the real thing and less like a keyboard. This is the answer to all our prayers and is becoming very popular with all the people who hire me. It consists of a black shiny wooden case which is in the same shape as a conventional grand piano and I just place a normal digital instrument inside.  The finish on the case is identical to that on a Steinway or Borsendorfer.  The result is something that looks very much like the real thing and sound’s amazing.

Baby Grand Piano Shell

You can hire this shell at a small fraction of the cost of hiring a real instrument from a supplier.  The cabinet has to be assembled at the venue with nuts and bolts.  The constant assembling and taking apart puts an enormous amount of wear and tear on the cabinet and fittings.  Because of this I have charge a nominal additional fee of £80 for it’s use.  If you need music in more than one location then I will probably need to bring a standard keyboard as well. If the other location is not too far away, it is possible for two or three people to carry the whole thing to the new location. The construction is not heavy but is awkward and impossible for one person to move.