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Baby Grand Piano

A digital Baby Grand Piano is available for hire for that special occasion.

Digital Baby Grand Piano (front view)
Digital Baby Grand Piano (front view)

I own several different digital pianos and which one I bring along to play at your function will depend on the performance required.  My digital grand piano is a special instrument for that special occasion.  

Digital Baby Grand Piano - Side View

Digital Baby Grand – Side View

To hire my digital grand piano is a small fraction of the cost of what it would be to hire a grand piano from a supplier. The piano has to be put together at the venue with nuts and bolts and the constant reassembling and taking it apart puts an enormous amount of wear and tear on the instrument, so I charge a small nominal additional fee of £80 for it’s use.  If you need music in more than one location then I will need to bring more than one digital piano.

There are some limitations on where I can take the digital baby grand piano as I need to be able to park near the venue.  Central London and other major cities can be difficult due to parking restrictions, but please contact me and I will try and get around any obstacles.

I offer the Yamaha P155 digital piano (see image below) at no additional extra cost. This instrument is very smart looking and is perfect for most events and probably more suitable for cockney sing-alongs.

Yamaha P155 Digital Piano
Yamaha P155 Digital Piano